Mercer Education is an equal opportunity employer that is regularly on the lookout for experienced full-time and part-time teachers. Since the school's founding in 1999 we have grown sufficiently now to employ sixteen full and part-time teachers in addition to Eric Cohen, and we anticipate further need for teachers in the near future. We offer generous hourly pay, a simple IRA plan and group medical and dental coverage for eligible employees, a pleasant and professional work environment and flexible work schedules.

An important aspect to teaching at Mercer Education is the balance between structure and flexibility. On the one hand, we have developed a wide range of materials for students covering beginning ESL to advanced literature, test preparation and writing, and we do have guidelines for what students should be working to achieve depending on the classes they are attending. On the other hand, we strongly believe in hiring engaging, talented teachers who can quickly assess students' needs and direct classes accordingly. We do not micromanage classes but rather provide structure, guidelines and materials as needed. This balance allows the school to provide a positive and productive environment that has proven popular with teachers and effective for students.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of teaching at Mercer Education, we encourage you to send or email us your resume and a cover letter.


Please address all correspondence to:

Mercer Education
1240 116th Ave. NE, Suite 200
Bellevue, WA 98004

Attn: Eric Cohen

Or email us at:


Due to the high volume of correspondence and work at the school, we may not be able to respond to all submissions as soon as they arrive.  Please allow several days for us to go over your letter and resume and then feel free to contact us by phone if you have not yet heard back from us.


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