Test Prep

Test Prep has been a core service at Mercer Education since its founding in 1999, and we offer a variety of options to fit your needs in terms of scheduling, timeframe and results. 

We have seen multiple changes to both the SAT and ACT over the years, and with each change we have invested substantial effort to craft rigorous programs with clear and helpful course materials and curricula to help students achieve their goals. The SSAT and ISEE are relevant to many students applying to local and far off secondary schools, and this is another area in which our years of experience has made a crucial difference in testing outcomes.  AP, IB, SAT Subject Tests, the TOEFL, TEAS and Cogat are all areas in which our instructors have experience.  Following are the various options/formats we provide for standardized test preparation.

Group Classes

Students may enroll in group classes at any time. To allow for optimal student engagement and learning, we keep our group test prep classes capped at 8 students. Each class is designed with a long-term approach in mind so that student can reach their goals, but our two-month billing cycle provides flexibility for students based on their progress and scheduling needs. 

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Summer Camps

ME has gained widespread recognition for its exceptional summer test preparation programs, first instituted in 2004. For students who are looking for a more aggressive and intensive program to help them make substantial progress in a short period of time, ME’s camps offer an ideal solution. Students are carefully assessed and attend thorough, rigorous small group courses (no more than 8 students per class) to prepare them for success on the SAT and ACT.  The curricula are also completely separate and distinct from those used in our year-round programs, so students will not be repeating any materials if they have already attended with us during the school year.

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Private Classes

A significant portion of the test prep classes held at Mercer Education (ME) are private, one-on-one tutorials. For students struggling to master a concept, it is especially important to have a teacher’s full attention, and sometimes private tutorials provide the most suitable and effective learning experience. Unlike many local tutoring schools, which corral 2 or 3 students in an open, central area and then have the teacher toggle between the students every 10 minutes and call this a “private” class, ME‘s private classes are genuinely private, one-on-one (i.e., one student-to-one teacher) classes held in reserved classrooms (or remotely via video conferencing software).

While group classes provide a methodical and structured approach to test prep in a more social context, private test prep classes are especially helpful for 1) students whose schedules do not match those of our group classes, 2) students who prefer the flexibility to work on some test prep and homework help, and 3) students who have already attended group classes and now wish to fine tune their test-taking skills in the runup to the actual test.

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SAT & ACT Practice Tests

For students who wish to take additional practice tests, we offer SAT and ACT tests, with scores generally calculated and emailed within a couple of days, for just $25.  We also provide the option of a more detailed report spelling out the test taker’s areas of weakness, a critique of the essay portion of the test, and recommendations for additional work.

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Register for Free Test

Mercer Education offers a free SAT and/or ACT test to students curious about our programs.  We generally complete scoring quickly, after which we are happy to meet with families to explain the scores and make recommendations based on each student’s objectives. 

“Eric, I’ve finally finished submitting my college applications and I’ve even started to hear some responses back from some colleges. Now that the process of college application is over, I just want to say thank you. I can honestly say I couldn’t have done this without Mercer Education. Mercer helped me through every step of the way, starting with the biggest help of assisting me in getting very good SAT scores with practice sessions for two years that I always looked forward to, to college camps in the summer that put me on the right track. Your help was priceless, and I will continue to tell my friends about Mercer. I will never forget my years there.

Naveena S., Student

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