Mercer Education is a premier school serving the Bellevue/Seattle region and the online community. We provide test prep, tutoring, enrichment education, admissions counseling and writing/editing assistance.

Who We Are

Founded in 1999 by Eric Cohen, a graduate of Phillips Academy (Andover) and Harvard University, Mercer Education offers a unique learning environment of highly qualified teachers whose rigorous teaching methods and high standards have proven effective in helping students of all levels attain their academic goals.

Through the use of its customized, challenging programs (language, literature, history, math, science and more) as well as its own grammar and test prep publications, the school has gained a solid reputation evident in our long history and the consistent success of our students. Every year, ME students enter some of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the U.S., including Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Wellesley, Stanford, and Berkeley.

Mission Statement

At the core of our school’s philosophy is the awareness that language, literature, science, and mathematics play important roles in every aspect of our lives and that developing skills in these areas can be immensely empowering. At Mercer Education, we are committed to presenting a uniquely challenging education service that focuses on each student’s individual needs and goals.

Our teachers and innovative curriculum go beyond establishing competitive test-taking skills and the pursuit of academic excellence to cultivate vibrant, intelligent minds. In addition to helping students gain the competitive edge in their academic and professional lives, we wish to see our students thrive as informed citizens capable of thinking critically and understanding major social issues and events shaping their world.

Programs & Services

Mercer Education provides effective, comprehensive courses ranging from math, science, history, ESL, test preparation to writing, and enrichment language arts for school-age students and adults. Whether students desire to prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, SSAT, ISEE, AP, IB, TOEFL, Cogat or TEAS, to improve their fluency, or simply get help with homework, our programs enable them to significantly boost confidence and performance in pursuit of higher academic or professional achievement.

The teachers at Mercer Education are professional educators who are experienced and dedicated to providing dynamic instruction using proven teaching techniques and materials. Students learn to speak, read, and write sophisticated English as well as improve math and science competency through challenging and structured curricula not commonly encountered in public or private schools or other tutoring establishments.

Year-Round Classes and Summer Camps That Lead to Achievement

Mercer Education offers private and small-group classes year round, seven days a week. Classes are tailored to each student’s schedule, ability, and educational goals. While private lessons offer the luxury of undivided attention and more flexible hours, the quality of group classes is ensured by the school’s policy of admitting no more than 8 (high school) or 6 (elementary and middle school) students per group. Whether students desire to improve basic skills, prepare for standardized tests, master specialized areas of study, or seek expert help with school applications, our programs enable them to gain the necessary confidence, learning skills, and performance in pursuit of higher academic or professional achievement. Gifted students will find our challenging, accelerated programs notably beneficial in their competition for academic excellence on the national level. Graduates of Mercer Education continue year after year to gain admission to many of the top universities in the country.

Exceptional Learning Environment and Experience

Mercer Education provides a sanctuary where both teachers and students can leave distractions behind and concentrate on their work. Every element of the school is dedicated to the improvement and enrichment of students’ education. We provide an environment free of the indifference typical of a corporate franchise and the corresponding drudgery of formulaic teaching methods. Caring, dedicated teachers and comfortable, organized classrooms with tasteful decor reflecting literacy and cultural diversity enhance students’ positive learning experience.

While school children face the substantial, ever-increasing pressure imposed by standardized tests and the competition to enter colleges of high academic standard, educators identify good language and math skills as critical for reducing obstacles and succeeding along the way. Good language skills are essential for an individual to have a wholesome development of knowledge, intelligence, and character. We hope that all parents and students recognize the meaningfulness of both a well-rounded and focused education and that Mercer Education will have the honor to be your mentor when you take the crucial step to enriching your education and enhancing the art of communication.

What a delightful experience it has been for Kieran to be a student at Mercer Education, including pre-calculus, calculus and SAT tutoring.  Dr. Lloyd had an expert and profound impact on Kieran’s confidence and abilities to understand and engage in studying this difficult subject. Kieran took the AP Calculus test and will be seeking college math credit (off to the University of Washington in the fall to study oboe performance!)  through College in the High School. It—particularly the confidence building—could not have been done without ME.

Nicholas M., Parent

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