From our community


Here is the kind feedback we have received from so many of our students who put in substantial time and effort to do well in their studies and gain acceptance to the college of their choice.

What a delightful experience it has been for Kieran to be a student at Mercer Education, including pre-calculus, calculus and SAT tutoring! I think particularly this year that Dr. Lloyd had an expert and profound impact on Kieran’s confidence and abilities to understand and engage in studying this difficult subject. Kieran took the AP Calculus test and will be seeking college math credit (off to the University of Washington in the fall to study oboe performance!) through College in the High School. It—particularly the confidence building—could not have been done without ME. 

– Nicholas M., Parent

Rachel and Alec are wonderful teachers, and they helped Brisa to improve a lot over the four weeks. Brisa loved them and was very happy in the camp.  I appreciate the details that Rachel and Alec put into the report. They match my observation of Brisa. The recommendation is especially helpful to show Brisa and motivate her to continue improving. Please pass my feedback and appreciation to Rachel and Alec. Thank you. 

– Jiangbi, Parent

Thank you SO VERY much Eric! As you probably know it’s not easy to convince a teenager that he can use some help. You were able to establish just the right level of trust and respect for yourself and your services​.

– Anya I, Parent

I think I neglected to pass along the last update regarding Sarah.  You ought to know, you invested ten years or so in her education!  She applied to a bunch of universities, and got some pretty good offers too.  Among the best was acceptance to Emory, and direct admit to Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.  But she pursued the one she really wanted the most. She’s enrolled at, and will be attending NYU in Shanghai.  She’ll go the first two years in Shanghai, one year in Manhattan, and the fourth year back in Shanghai.  She’s already there now, taking in a few weeks’ vacation before move-in day.I’d like to thank you and Michael, and several others over the years, who helped Sarah achieve her goals.  She got the school of her dreams, a decent scholarship, and has already fled the nest. Best regards, and thank you again for all being a part of Sarah’s journey.

– Don D., Parent

I’d like to share this great news with you – Oliver has been accepted by Brown University early decision today!  There are several students from BHS who applied to Brown early and he is the only one get in.  Thank you so much for your help in all these year (since 7th grade); he has definitely gained a lot from Mercer Education and was well prepared!

– Bei G., Parent

I’ve finally finished submitting my college applications and I’ve even started to hear some responses back from some colleges. Now that the process of college application is over, I just want to say thank you. I can honestly say I couldn’t have done this without Mercer Education. Mercer helped me through every step of the way, starting with the biggest help of assisting me in getting very good SAT scores with practice sessions for two years that I always looked forward to, to college camps in the summer that put me on the right track (I was so scared and nervous before). Your help was priceless, and I will continue to tell all my friends about Mercer. I will never forget my years there.

– Naveena S., Student

With less than a month left until I arrive on campus, I wanted to take the time to thank those who aided me on the journey to college, and immediately you came to mind. I am headed to the University of Urbana Champaign this August as a member of the Business Honors Program as well as the James Scholars Program.

I know that without all your help and guidance this would not have been possible, and I would not be in the position that I am today. I am so fortunate that you were willing to help me with my college essays. They are the most important part of the college admission process and allowed the college to better understand my personality.

You were an incredibly encouraging and calming presence during those stressful months, and your advice was impeccable. By incorporating your suggestions into the essays, I was able to show the university what I could offer in terms of my heritage as well as strong character traits. I couldn’t have presented myself the way I did without your guidance and wisdom.

– Shruti J., Student

I was in your college essay class throughout the fall, and just wanted to update you on my acceptances/college decision. In the end, I was admitted to Stanford, Brown, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, and UW Honors, and was waitlisted at Princeton, Columbia, Duke, and Rice. I decided to go to Stanford, which was definitely my number one choice, so I am very happy with my decision.

I also wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me during the admissions process. I know I had a lot of essays to go through, but you read through all of them and always gave me careful feedback. I know that my Common App essay in particular had been giving me a lot of trouble, but reading the sample essays in your class really helped me develop my personal statement and craft it into a timeline/diary of my background with violin. I could not have done it without you or the group lessons! I will definitely be recommending your essay class to any prospective seniors.

Thank you again for all of your support during the fall! I am very excited to be starting this new chapter in my life at Stanford.

– Christina D., Student


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